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Spectre.ai Review All these you need to know about Spectre

Spectre.ai is the world’s first trading platform without an intermediary broker. Spectre was designed with one major agenda in mind; that is to make fraud in trading practically impossible. Kay the CEO of has previously worked for JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs.

In this spectre.ai review, I will give a comprehensive overview of this platform. I will be concise and make it very easy to understand manner. I will also use videos and pictures so that at the end of this review 99% of your questions on Spectre would have been answered.

Before the existence of Spectre.ai, Trading requires that you deposit your money with a broker before you can trade, trusting that they pay you your winning when you win and also make their platform fair… Well, this doesn’t always happen.

The problem most traders face when trading Binary options/CFD/FX is the fraudulent nature of the brokers. Most platforms are designed such that traders trade against the broker; i.e when you lose the broker profits when you make a profit, the broker a loss. Therefore, the brokers try all the tricks he can to make traders lose. The tricks he might use includes but not limited to:

  • Easy Demo account: He makes the demo account so easy and profitable but real account difficult, traders will make a good profit in the demo account but are not able to do so in real accounts.
  • Disable Profitable market: I have experienced this on a lot of platforms. when a market is going in a particular direction for an extended period of time, the broker disables that market temporarily. He does this so that traders cannot trade that market to make an easy profit then re-enable it when it becomes unpredictable.
  • Refuse to Pay: Some brokers outrightly will not pay traders who have made winnings. Some give excuses of payment method issues which never get solve or they outrightly ignore you.

Don’t be deceive when a broker is said to be regulated. Most of these brokers are most of the time only regulated in Europe. This means that the regulation only protects people living in Europe. So, if you live outside Europe…, sorry they might play these tricks on you.

The solution to this broker fraud is to have a system that makes it technologically impossible to play these tricks on traders. These ways you don’t even need it to be regulated.

On spectre.ai, you do not need to deposit your money with a broker – there are no brokers – you trade directly from your wallet. This is made possible by the Ethereum blockchain.

Now you have the background, let’s get into this spectre review proper.

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Spectre.ai Features

  • Tight spread lower than most brokers see here
  • No deposit required; trade directly from your Ether wallet
  • No hidden fees
  • No Broker
  • Leverage up to 200% when holding SXUT
  • Quick order execution
  • Smart Options (e.g. Close trade at profit before set time)
  • No negative balance
  • Friendly Support
  • Demo Account
  • Trade ideas
  • News flash Update
  • Tutorial Videos

Accepted Countries Canada and Europe Accepted

Traders from 11 countries are not allowed on Spectre.ai. Other than this, you can trade from every other country your countries specifically do not allow binary options trading, CFD and Forex trading.
Prohibited countries include; USA, Costa Rica, BVI, Caymans, Iran, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Syria, Somalia, North Korea and Yemen.

Supported Languages

English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese

Trading Instruments (Spectre.ai Review)

By the end of 2020, the Spectre team has proposed to have over 2,000 markets available for trade. However, as at the time of this article, there about 46 currency pairs available for trade.

Spectre.ai Contract Class

The trading instruments are grouped into 3 contract class:

  • Smart Options
  • Fiat Contract (A-Book)

As at the time of this article, only the smart options contract class has been implemented.

Smart Options:

Smart Options is similar to binary options but better. In binary options, you choose a time duration for your trade, enter the amount you have to stake and choose your trade direction. If the chart went your way at the end of this time duration, you win if not you lose all the capital you allocated to the trade. With smart options, you can do this and in addition, you can also;

  1. Close trade at a profit or some loss before the timer expires (the last video I this article shows a practical example)
  2. Implement a 1% to 75% protection on your capital so you don’t lose it all if the trade goes against you. (this feature will be added in a few weeks)

There are various smart options types you can trade on this platform, this includes Knock-in – knock-out, High – Low, Call – Put, Barrier and order ladders.


I have a well-detailed definition of CFD in my review of 1Broker and my review of iq options. CFD (Contract For Difference) lets you trade on the speculative outcome of an asset without participating in the actual market. CFD is similar to Binary Options/Smart Options but different in that it removes the time limit. So when you make a trade, it stays live until you close it at a profit or loss. You can also set TP (Take Profit) or SL (Stop loss) in this case your trades closes on its own at the points you have set. This is basically what is traded on 1broker

Also, unlike other platforms that charge overnight financing, Overnight financing is not charged.

Fiat Contract (A-Book).

Classic A-Book Trading is similar to CFD trading but allows you to trade a wilder liquidity market across highly regulated fiat-based markets. Here you can also trade off the blockchain if you choose to do so.

Before proceeding, you can watch this 8 munites video of the spectre platform by the CEO Kay explaining the above and more.

Types of Account on Spectre.

There are 3 types of accounts a trader can create on Spectre. They are:

  1. Demo account: when you a register on this platform, you are automatically given a Demo account preloaded with 100ETH. With this you can trade on the platform to fully master it at no risk. You cannot withdraw the 100ETH as it is virtual.
  2. Wallet account: This is a real account that lets you trade directly from your Ethereum wallet. You do not need to make a deposit to the platform trade with this type of account. This means that if you make a win, the profit is directly credited to your Ethereum wallet. This type of account is fully decentralized. However, this means that each time you make a trade, you will have to pay the Ethereum Blockchain transaction fee (gas) as your transactions are confirmed on the blockchain.
  3. Regular account: This is a real account that is semi-decentralized. To trade on using this type of account, you will need to make a deposit to your Ethereum wallet on the spectre.ai platform. You still maintain full control of your wallet but the spectre team can monitor the activity of your wallet. Since this type of account is within the spectre Network, you do not pay the gas fee when trading. You only pay gas fee when you want to withdraw to an external wallet. The regular account payout is also about 3% – 7% higher when compared to the Wallet account payout.

Note: Traders holding SXUT. Enjoys a higher payout when trading.

Registration Requirements

To Start trading the Demo account, you will need to enter your name and email address and then confirm your email address. In compliance with regulation, the real account requires you complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) form to start trading. This includes uploading your proof of residency and ID card.

Ease of Use

The Spectre.ai Trading platform has a great interface with loads of information. Pro traders would really enjoy because of the extra information available that cannot be found on other options platform. The new traders will get the hang of it after a few minutes.

The trading room is well organized for easy and quick operation. Your balance and liquidity pool is shown at the top, trade ideas, wallet type, instrument and payout to the left. Trade button, Analytics, calendar and time zone to the left. Position held and history to the bottom. The Live Chart at the centre. You can choose the instrument you want to trade from the left, right or within the chart. The chart also has various tools to help you make trade analysis.

There is also a step by step tutorial that guides you through the interface once you sign up.

Deposit and Withdraw Method

The wallet account requires no deposit as you trade directly from your external Ethereum wallet. For the regular account, you have to make a deposit to your internal Ethereum wallet. You can do this Through Ethereum, Visa, Master Card and Wire Transfer. The minimum deposit is the Ethereum equivalence of $10.

Transaction Fees

There are no transaction fees when trading on the Spectre Platform. You only pay for gas, the frequency also depends on the type of account you are trading. The gas fee is minimal, it does not go to spectre but used to confirm transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

The question you might have now is. How does Spectre make money to pay its affiliate if there is no transaction fee? This whole concept is the business model of Spectre.ai as illustrated the 8 mins video above. Traders trade against the Liquidity Pool. The Liquidity pool is the money invested by those holding the Spectre tokens (SXDT or D-token). The liquidity pool value is affected by supply and demand of the tokens, Ethereum price as it’s connected to ERC-20 and gain or loss from traders trading against this pool. Spectre takes trading fees from this pool to pay its affiliate and the D token holders.

Customer Support

There is a 24/7 customer support in spectre via the live chat. The average response time is 5 mins. They are friendly, willing and eager to answer any question you might have. Some of the information in this article are gotten from responses from life support. You can also contact support via email ( [email protected] ) and social media.

Is Spectre.ai Legit or a Scam.

The simple and straightforward answer here is No. It is impossible to be scammed in this platform since you trade directly from your wallet. Even when you make a deposit to the platform, you are still in control because your fund is protected by the Ethereum smart contract.

Even though Spectre doesn’t need to get regulation since they do not handle traders’ funds. They are regulated by the Costa Rican Oversight and licensed with the Cert No. 58373902020.

The registration in Costa Rica is obviously for Tax reason.


From the spectre.ai review above, you can see that it is an exceptional platform. It is the first new generation trading platform. It has solved the problem of broker fraud since there are no brokers. If you are looking forward to trading options, Spectre is your best bet.

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Risk Warning:

Financial trading is very risky and can result in account losses and total account wipeout if proper risk management procedures are not adhered to. Only trade with money you can afford to lose.

I talked about a trading video, in the beginning explaining some smart options features, Here you have it. It is 9 mins long.

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SPECTRE.AI Continues to Grow in Q2 2020

SPECTRE.AI has continued to grow in the 2nd quarter despite increasing headwinds in the blockchain space

SPECTRE.AI has delivered another satisfactory quarter of growth in Q2 of 2020. It is the world’s first broker-less and fraud-free trading platform that uses unique smart contract technology built on the Ethereum blockchain for users to trade and bet directly against a decentralised pool of liquidity.

The growth continues SPECTRE.AI’s rise in the blockchain community as the go-to platform for traders on the one hand and investors on the other.

Importance of Roadmaps

A roadmap plots when a project’s objectives and targets can be reached, giving investors confidence. Roadmaps show visible and tangible results; evidence of a project being on track. SPECTRE.AI is one of the few still at or above their listing price and delivering growing rewards. SPECTRE.AI is doing this by hitting most of its roadmap items on or ahead of schedule.

“The firm has continued to grow in the 2 nd quarter despite increasing headwinds in the blockchain space,” noted CEO Kay Khemani. “Spectre.ai is holding its own with considerable scaling planned for the coming year. Most ICOs that completed their token sales around our date, are down anywhere from 50% to 95%, so with our tokens being above their listing price, weekly rewards increasing on a net basis monthly, we remain firmly on our growth trajectory,”, added Athol Nourse, the group’s Business Development Director.

Q2 Results Figures

  • Monthly active users by the end of Q2 were 1,099 (+50% quarter on quarter)
  • The liquidity pool increased to 5,326 ETH end of Q2 (up from 5,271 ETH end of Q1)
  • Volume traded since launch – $2,185,290 (+93% quarter on quarter)
  • 103 users have used SXUT tokens to upgrade, linking some 423,624 tokens

Spectre’s management team reiterates their earlier communicated full-year guidance. Namely, for fiscal year 1 (ended March 2020), the group expects a total of 3,000 traders (minimum) to be added to the trading platform with an approximate traded volume of $79.2 million.

Safe, fraud-free online trading

Instead of traditional Forex, CFD, options and speculative trading platforms, SPECTRE.AI offers a much safer, trust-less, broker-less trading platform. Users can take speculative trades on over 70 assets and see outcomes in as little as 10 seconds. Trades taken via the Wallet account occur in real-time across the Ethereum blockchain instantly making fraud impossible while also eliminating issues with withdrawals.

New users can try a free demo account completely risk-free. Spectre also represents an incredible leap forward in something known as decentralised autonomous liquidity pool (DALP), which essentially means that users can trade without the need for specific peer to peer matches. In other words, traders are trading against a decentralised balance sheet which is available 24/7.

Q2 has seen the addition of several improvements to the Spectre trading platform, including:

  • CASET – allowing for currency conversion between fiat and ETH with all major credit/debit cards & bank wire deposits now being accepted via Uphold (Spectre’s partner).
  • Introduction of micro-expiries (60/30/10 seconds) – Whilst 60-second trading has been popular in the online trading world for some time, SPECTRE.AI is the first and only online financial trading platform to offer 10 second options globally.

Coming soon in Q3/Q4:

  • Early Expiries – the ability to close a trade early, thereby de-risking it
  • Zero leverage Smart CFDs
  • Weekend Trading
  • Complete new user interface

Spectre is branching out to a new paradigm of trading platforms. Their closest competitors currently see annual trading volumes of approximately $4 billion, and Spectre is looking to bring a huge portion of this volume to its blockchain-based platform instead of traditional and outdated platforms.

SPECTRE.AI is a leader and frontrunner in establishing a new breed of trading platforms, one without shady transactions or dubious activity.

Regulatory Notice: Spectre.ai is strictly closed to U.S citizens. Trading involves high risk and you can lose all your money.

Disclaimer: The content of this article is sponsored and does not represent the opinions of Finance Magnates

Spectre.ai – обзор децентрализованной плафтормы для опционов и CFD

✅ Данная Торговая платформа доступна в стране Франция

Обзор перспективных торговых платформ: Spectre.ai

Развитие самых разнообразных торговых площадок, специализирующихся на операциях с цифровыми и фиатными деньгами, бинарными опционами, акциями и т. д., кроме положительных сторон – развитие новых проектов, эффективное использование инвестиций, привлечение свободных финансовых средств населения и т. д., имеет ряд негативных нюансов. Многие брокеры (не говоря об обычных мошенниках) все чаще «запускают руку в карман» своих трейдеров, беспричинно блокируют счета пользователей, создают обычные «финансовые пирамиды».

Все вышеперечисленные факторы становятся причиной недоверия потенциальных трейдеров к новым участникам финансовых рынков: никто не хочет вместо того, чтобы получить прибыль, потерять свои сбережения. Но на фоне, казалось бы, патовой ситуации, в 2020 году создается новый веб-ресурс Spectre.ai (регистрация на Каймановых островах), основанный на блокчейне Ethereum, исключающий участие брокера из годами наработанной схемы, а также изменяя привычный механизм функционирования мировых финансовых рынков.

Как работает Spectre.ai

Зарегистрировав на Spectre.ai логин, новый пользователь не строит свои отношения с так называемым брокером по традиционным схемам, текущие сделки регулируются смарт контрактами. Трейдер открывает кошелек на ресурсе (для криптомонет), при этом благодаря вышеуказанной технологии, администрация компании не имеет доступа к финансовым средствам участников проекта.

Стоимость активов по каждой отдельной операции трейдера, открытой на определенный срок, мониторится вживую (применяются такие источники, как Oanda). По возможным итогам сделки пользователь получает прибыль, или с его крипто-кошелька списывается соответствующая сумма убытков (стандартная процедура). Сама компания получает 2% от размера текущих торговых операций на счет текущих расходов, плюс 2% отдается — держателям дивиденд-токенов (фактически – пользователям веб-ресурса). Повышение стоимости токенов и поддержание постоянной ликвидности ресурса, а также исключение влияния человеческого фактора в данных процессах являются гарантией того, что никто не обманет пользователей криптоплощадки и они всегда получат свои деньги в полном объеме.

Еще несколько слов о безопасности

Кроме вышеуказанной информации, подтверждающей, что новая торговая площадка, предоставляет практически все «нити управления» финансовыми операциями участникам проекта, а это является одним из главных условий безопасности их сбережений, следует отметить рациональность поведения владельцев сайта: никто не создает на Spectre.ai приложения, которые часто делают только для того, чтобы «пустить пыль в глаза» новичкам проекта. То есть, веб-ресурс нельзя причислять к категории, так называемых «фирм-одиночек», существующих для быстрого привлечения больших финансовых сумм за короткий промежуток времени.

Конечно, большим минусом является отсутствия лицензий, разрешительной документации и регулирующих органов, но в данном случае главной проблемой является неопределенный юридический статус сервиса, многие функции которого выполняет компьютер.

Одним из главных факторов, доказывающих высокий уровень безопасности ресурса, является тот факт, что многие пользователи используют сервис исключительно в качестве надежного кошелька для хранения своих активов. Среди огромного количества существующих торговых платформ, очень мало сайтов могут «похвастаться» подобными достижениями. И не стоит забывать, что в данном случае руководство крипто биржи заинтересовано в том, чтобы их клиенты зарабатывали, как можно больше денег.


Рассматриваемый ресурс работает на китайском, японском, английском, корейском и немецком языках. Большинство пользователей данной платформы утверждают, что для работы на представленном веб-ресурсе не нужны большие финансовые знания, изучение специально подготовленных для Spectre.ai демо версий и т. п. Математика, владение общими экономическими терминами, минимальные умения делать прогнозы на основании аналитической информации, стартовый капитал, но и, конечно, желание заработать деньги – этого будет вполне достаточно, чтобы научиться работать на данной площадке. Дополнительно, у каждого новичка есть возможность проверить свои силы и интуицию, используя бесплатную версию обучающего счета.

Основная информация о торговом счете

Прежде чем приступить к регистрации аккаунта на Spectre.ai каждый начинающий трейдер должен знать следующую информацию:

● Минимальный депозит на данном веб-ресурсе составляет 1 доллар.

● Минимальная/максимальная ставка – 1-1000$.

● Допустимая прибыль с каждой сделки – 60-90%.

● Валюта счета – Ethereum.

●Администрация сайта не берет комиссию за вывод денег и обещает проводить данную процедуру в течение суток.

Что еще нужно знать о Spectre.ai

Практически каждый составленный о бирже Spectre.ai обзор (если брать во внимание мнения специалистов, которые основательно аргументируют свои прогнозы) предполагает, что данная система имеет серьезные перспективы, но для создания принципиально новой схемы нужно хорошо потрудиться. С другой стороны, любое серьезное экономическое потрясение может стать тем катализатором, который сделает рассматриваемую модель самой надежной среди всех существующих на сегодняшний день торговых площадок, оказывающих существенное влияние на мировой финансовый рынок.

Пополнение торгового счета

Рассматриваемая криптобиржа, как об этом уже упоминалось вначале обзора, базируется на блокчейне Ethereum, поэтому не трудно догадаться, что для работы трейдеру придется использовать доступные методы обмена фиатных и цифровых денег на популярную криптовалюту. Только после этого он получит возможность совершать интересующие его операции.

Торговые инструменты

В этом вопросе клиенты торговой платформы имеют широкие возможности. Они получат доступ к :

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