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Did UK Tabloids Get Duped by Binary Options Affiliates?

Major media outlets have been blindly posting articles about alleged binary options millionaires for months.

Have you ever dreamt of becoming rich real quick and allegedly very easily? If you haven’t, chances are that you know such stories are usually followed by a bout of unlucky occurrences which drive one’s fabulous wealth into the ground. These are the type of stories which the ‘yellow press’ loves to publish in order to generate more hits on online articles.

According to a variety of UK tabloid publications, including The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Metro, one such hero, Robert Mfune, has become the latest rich kid, purchasing a Bentley and painting it gold. Not only that, but he made his fortune while trading binary options. Even The Times has picked up on the story which is providing an in-depth look into the lavish lifestyle of Robert Mfune.

While he was having his car painted gold, he allegedly crashed a BMW M3 and claimed that he didn’t care too much about it.

A photo posted by Robert Mfune MMMYEH (@rob.mfune) on Jun 16, 2020 at 2:18am PDT

A Binary Bentley Waiting for You in the Garage

The press photos (which we cannot display in this article due to terms of usage limitations) show a person allegedly called Robert Mfune, who trades binary options on a daily basis and makes money while doing it. The photos are displaying parts of a computer screen showing profitable binary options deals. He allegedly started his endeavor with binary options after working hard at McDonald’s.

Any professional from the industry knows how easily binary options account statements can be doctored, and how many binary options traders are profitable. Last but not least, even when they are profitable, they would have to be outperforming legendary trader Jesse Livermore by a huge margin in order to win enough for a Bentley after trading with their McDonald’s salary.

A slew of daily tabloid publications which went viral in the UK last week and which have been picked up by German and Israeli newspapers this week are showing little curiosity as to the real background of this story.

The Sun also picked up on the story – a Golden Binary Bentley – either he owns it or he doesn’t

All of the publications in the UK media have been crediting the images in the story to Caters News Agency, a website which from the looks of it specializes in creating entertaining stories with the potential to go viral. From a Russian family taking care of a bear that eats 25 kilos of food per day to heartwarming videos of orangutans, this news agency has it all when it comes to viral videos.

One notable section of its website however is the ‘got a story to sell?’ button on the homepage of the website.

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A screenshot from the website of Caters News Agency: Got a Story to Sell?

Binary Options Affiliates and Successful Business

Some of the articles which have been put out by the media mention that Robert Mfune is an entrepreneur. We couldn’t agree more – according to direct links to the trader’s Twitter and Instagram profiles he owns a binary options affiliate website.

A photo posted by Robert Mfune MMMYEH (@rob.mfune) on Aug 8, 2020 at 1:59am PDT

On his website Mfune claims: “I started trading at 16 years of age, I began trading Forex and then later realized that binary options were most profitable for me. Since that point I have focused all my tools and resources towards this type of trading and specialized in this field.”

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We got curious and took our chances, signing up with the service. After less than a day, we received an email which claimed to be from Mr Mfune himself. Both emails we received were registered to a different domain name, which has no active website – After inspecting the official Instagram picture above, we can also see that the screenshot on the computer originates from a certain Isaac Cullinane, but more about him and his company later.

The first email we received immediately after registration contained links to five brokerages, one of which was explicitly mentioned to be accepting clients from the US – an endeavor which has already cost a lot to several brokerages who chose to ignore US regulatory authorities that forbid binary options trading in the country unless it is conducted on an exchange.

Screenshot of the reply of to our registration from the “Trade With Robert” affiliate website, including a solicitation to register with a broker that is accepting US clients

After opening an account with the sponsored links in the email, we were supposed to start receiving trading signals via WhatsApp.

The second email which we received after saying that we were ready to start receiving signals to check the service was allegedly from Robert himself – he introduced himself and in simple terms didn’t reveal anything about his relationship with the financial markets except that he knew how to make money and was going to show us, if we open an account via one of the affiliate links in the email.

Screenshot of Robert Mfune’s reply to our email asking him to send us some demo signals

Since we didn’t want to deposit and share personal data with any of the binary options brokers, we chose to reply by asking whether Robert was authorized by the U.K. Financial Conduct Authority to provide investment advice. This time the email went silent – we received no reply after 4 days.

Not the First Blockbuster Trader With a Golden Car

What makes the story even less plausible is a signature style which has been used in similar articles throughout the web. Starting with a golden Lamborghini trader in January, which was picked up by UK tabloids just as easily, through to a trader with a golden Rolls Royce and culminating in Robert Mfune’s Bentley.

Speaking of Mfune’s Bentley, it is a 2004 Continental GT and costs online between £25,000 and £33,000 – not a very expensive car after all.

A screenshot of the license plate information of

All of the above have at some point crashed their cars and boasted how they don’t care about the results of their less than skillful driving. In January the story of 21-year old Elijah Oyefeso circulated throughout the UK media, where he stated that he gets his income from trading on the stock market.

An article by the Daily Mail states that he went on to fund a trading consultancy, which he uses to help beginner traders make money. As it turns out, this is yet another binary options affiliate website – DCT Trading Group

DCT Trading, also welcoming US traders

In between these stories, a less circulated one has been published about the owner of a golden Rolls Royce going by the name of Adam Khan, who allegedly is a binary options trader and owns a fleet of golden cars. The same photos have been used in a story about a rich Saudi Arabian who has been displaying his gems across the streets of London.

Coincidentally or not, the websites of both Robert Mfune and Elijah Oyefeso have been created and the domains are owned by the same design agency in Southampton – 9INE (formerly known as ICEco Solutions) – which lists another binary options affiliate website as part of its portfolio:

Robert Mfune, Resident and citizen of Zimbabwe, Source:

After checking the Linkedin profile of 9INE’s owner, Isaac Cullinane, who personal holds both of the aforementioned domains, reveals a very interesting fact: he seems to be a managing director in a company named Rich Forever LTD. A check of the public accounts of this firm reveals another interesting discovery: the company has two directors – Isaac himself and one Robert Mfune. Southampton is where the rich kid is allegedly from, however according to the official documents of incorporation listed by, Robert Mfune is a resident and citizen of Zimbabwe.

Going Viral at All Costs

With the story picking up interest from Finance Magnates we decided to reach out to the trader and perhaps ask him some more in depth questions about financial markets – to find out how much he really knows.

We proceeded to ring Caters News Agency and asked if it would be possible to connect with the trader and ask him some questions. After carefully listening to our request, a representative for the website has communicated that if we are interested in running a story we will have to pay for the pictures and the video used by the same UK tabloids – The Daily Mail, The Metro and The Sun.

After asking how much would we need to pay, the representative of Caters News Agency said that it depends on the number of pictures we use and whether we would like some videos too. When asked whether the other newspapers paid for the story, the sales rep replied that this is standard practice and that if we wanted to run our own version we would have to email the syndications department.

The story described above is a very serious matter – mainstream media has turned into a loudspeaker for all sorts of information with very few resources being dedicated to simple fact checking.

What proper journalists should be doing is conducting due diligence on every story and appropriately vetting their sources. On all of the occasions described above we have not seen a single question asked to any of the skillful traders that is actually related to what they do. The focus was only on the gold plated cars and the alleged success stories…

The Online Trading Millionaires Show: Dream Big, Work Hard, Play Hard!

Do you want to be a millionaire? I know I do… well, actually one million bucks are probably more than I need but I am sure I will find things to do with that money. I’d only wish that was my main problem: how to spend a million. But at the moment my main concern is how to get it, what do I need to do in order to reach that elusive sum and more importantly, is it really achievable?

The Stock market has its fair share of millionaires – Buffet, Soros, etc., but those guys were doing OK money-wise even before starting to trade/invest, so can regular guys like us become millionaires? Maybe we just didn’t hear about traders hitting the jackpot… or maybe they are out there and just choose to keep quiet and don’t brag about it.

Long Way to Become an Online Trading Millionaire!

If we wouldn’t believe that trading can bring us large amounts of money, I bet most of us wouldn’t want to trade. Let’s be honest, we are in this business to get rich. Nobody wants just an extra hundred bucks per month or just some beer money out of trading. We dream of cars, motorcycles and cool houses, a glamorous living and fancy restaurants. Ok, maybe not everyone has this dream, but the majority does. Like I said if we wouldn’t believe it possible, we wouldn’t be here but is there a guide to help us get there? Or a clear method? Nope, not really, sorry to disappoint you. You will need some common sense to get there: you cannot expect to make a million if you are not disciplined or if you don’t spend some time learning how to trade. You will not become filthy rich by following a signal provider or by buying some $147.99 software available everywhere on the internet, or relying simply on luck. And even if someone has the secret to becoming a millionaire, do you actually think they will share in a Forum? Or sell? No, my friends, that will never happen.

There are no clear directions to becoming a millionaire; it’s not like asking how to get to the nearest gas station and getting a straightforward answer like “Take the first left, drive 300 meters and you’re there”. That would be just too easy, but I’m not saying it cannot be done. You just have to find your own way because what works for someone might not work for you and vice versa.

First, you will need to make a plan and manage your risk, to set weekly, monthly and yearly goals or targets and stop trading once you reach them. For example if according to your plan, you have to make 10% ROI every week, once that amount is achieved, stop trading and don’t aim for 11% thinking you will get faster to your final goal. Just stop and feel good about yourself and avoid giving back the gains.

There might be another problem… actually “will be” is more appropriate: your broker. You heard of brokers changing, altering or inflating quotes or freezing the platform just when your trade is about to close at a profit? I am sure you did. Ok, now think about how that kind of problems will affect you emotionally (not to mention financially) if you have an open trade worth $50K… I am sure you realize the importance of dealing with a legit broker if you start your million run. To avoid such problems, or to limit the effects as much as possible, you will have to pick a trusty partner, a respectable broker. Simply visit our Recommended Brokers page and find all types of brokers: CFD trading, Forex, binary, Crypto and even exchanges.

Stop Questioning Yourself and Start Working!

As you see, there are many obstacles standing between the Dream and us, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop dreaming because if we do that, our motivation goes away. As long as we dream, we will be determined to find ways of making the dream come true. We have to keep searching and working hard to find the way to get closer to our dreams, whatever those are, but in the process, make sure you don’t lose more than you can afford because that will put a serious dent in your dream plans. Knowing you can do it will eventually help you achieve the goals you have set for yourself. So let’s not question anymore whether it can be done or not because It Can Be Done so let’s get to work. Throughout our website, there are several ways you could’ve reached this article and I have no idea which one got you here. I just hope you are reading his article because you are about to complete the College Section of our School. If that’s the case, I have to say Congratulations! because you are one step closer to starting to make money. You’ve probably acquired most of the skills necessary, so it’s time to go build your dream. We’ve done our part, now it’s your time to shine! Start trading but never stop learning.

The Guide!

As we start a new decade (yea, 2020 is here), I’m revisiting this article and although I previously said that I can’t give you clear directions to becoming a millionaire (I still stand by that statement, by the way), I think that a few tips and tricks are in order. Maybe these will help you become a binary options millionaire, maybe not, but at least they will help you improve your trading and understanding of the binary options industry. It’s not a guide, it’s not a Top 10 of the quickest ways to get rich trading, it is what it is:

Get Educated!

Before you start looking for a broker or a trading strategy, you have to educate yourself on everything trading-related. Learn and then practice what you’ve learned. You will come across people who will say it’s not necessary to spend time learning because online trading is easy. Listen to them and you’ll never make it, listen to me and you might just have a chance. We have a full scale, free Trading School ready just for you, so I believe that’s the place to start.

Online Trading is like Honey!

Consider yourself the busy bee that works on making that honey. There will always be a bear close by, trying to steal it. Yes, look at him, already drooling for your honey. He is the ever-present scammer that sniffs around the trading industry, looking for money to steal. Since online trading became a mainstream thing, all sorts of scammers have appeared, most of them trying to lie to you and get you to deposit with their recommended broker or buy into their signal service. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet or see on the TV, keep an eye on your money and when something sounds too good to be true…. you know the rest.

Make A Plan!

You need to have a plan, you can’t just wing it. Every step of the way must be planned for and you need to know what to do when you win, what to do when you lose (among other stuff). Say you have a great trading day: will you continue trading until you fall asleep on your computer or will you stop after 10 or 15 good trades? Maybe you have a bad day. What then? Will you trade until there’s nothing left in your account and will you let frustration take over? Well, if you have a plan, you must include “protocols” for each scenario, you must include money management and most importantly, you have to follow that plan. Learn Skills That Worth Money and build a plan by knowing how to Become A Better Version Of You.

Get a Good Broker!

It goes without saying that if you want to make money – and withdraw it – you have to find a reliable partner. If your broker will manipulate the price or will give you a headache on every withdrawal, you’ll get nowhere, let alone to a million dollars. You are the fisherman and the broker is the fishing rod. If you hook a big fish and the rod breaks, guess what: you will lose that fish. If you make a million bucks and cant withdraw it, guess what…

Give Yourself A Chance To Make Money!

I am not a millionaire, I don’t know how to make a million bucks but I know that one of the first conditions to make money is to not lose it. That means you have to open your eyes and watch against scam but you also have to be a good enough trader because if you’re not, then how can you expect to make any money by trading. Oh, and if you do become a millionaire from online trading, let me know how you did it ;)

Astrology in Trading – An Esoteric Approach to Financial Markets

Astrology is defined as the study of the movements of celestial bodies and their positions which is interpreted as having an influence on the natural world. Astrology is an ancient art of studying the influence of planets and the stars which has been practiced by cultures across the globe. Astrology is often used in day to day lives, with farmers in some parts of the world looking to the skies to time their plantations or even when it comes to starting a new business venture and of course, the zodiac signs on a more personal level.

Astrology has found its way to the financial markets as well, although the ideas based on astrology are either shot down quite quickly or simply too complex to understand. For the most part, traders who rely on the fundamentals and the technical aspects of trading, making room for astrology can be quite difficult.

Astrology in trading is based on the premise that the financial markets are affected by the planetary movements and lunar cycles. Just as with technical analysis, astrology based trading looks at past price history during the cycles and assists traders in timing their entry or exit although it might seem a bit esoteric for some.

Astrology based trading – Famous personalities

There are quite a few well-known personalities in the financial markets who have dabbled in the astrological side of trading, and you might be surprised at some names.

W.D Gann: The famous Gann was an expert market forecaster and primarily focused on geometry, astrology, and ancient math. To this day, Gann’s methods evoke a certain sense of mystery.

Donald Bradley: Although not as famous as Gann, Bradley is synonymous with astrology and has published several books such as “Stock Market Prediction: The Historical & Future Siderograph charts & software“, where he outlines his approach in foreseeing changes in the markets by assigning numerical values to the position of the planets and the stars on a given day.

Larry Pesavento: Another well-known name in trading, Larry Pesavento, is probably better known for Pesavento patterns and makes use of market geometry and Fibonacci. One of his books is a well-known title “A Traders Guide to Financial Astrology” where he gives a detailed introduction to trading the markets with astrology.

Well respected studies on astrology and markets

Back in 2003, the Atlanta Federal Reserve published a paper titled “Playing the Field: Geomagnetic Storms and the Stock Market.” The paper explains how the geomagnetic storms have a profound effect on people’s moods which in turn is seen to affect trading decisions. The study showed how the market would decline during periods of geo-magnetic storms. You can read more about it here.

Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has an interesting paper, published in 2020 where it looks at the lunar cycles. “Sheer Lunacy staring at the Heavens” is a study of how moon phases and financial market behavior are correlated. You can read the full copy of the PDF publication here.

Astrology in trading – A trading edge?

In the financial markets, we often hear about having an ‘edge’ for your trading system. Some believe this edge can be gained by using the order books and an order flow system, while for others it is all about seeing value in an asset which is missed by many. Astrology based trading is another one such methods that looks to find this ‘edge.’ In a way, astrology based trading doesn’t quite tell you buy or sell at a certain price, but rather looks at the influence of the celestial bodies on humans, which in turn affects the markets.

One of the main drawbacks with astrology based trading is that it is complex. Unlike a technical or a fundamental approach which is easier to grasp and supported by many different indicators, astrology based trading involves studying the planetary charts. There are hardly a handful of astrology based indicators that can be used.

Have you ever tried using astrology in your trading?

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